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Tuesday , 7 April 2020
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Miss Lebanon:From Nadine Njeim to Sandy Tabet, 11 Queens to remember

Last Saturday Sandy Tabet was crowned Miss Lebanon 2016. As usual, people’s reactions varied from supporters to critics. Some comments were very harsh, others just compared her to former Miss Lebanon Nadine Njeim. Knowing that Nadine was elected in 2004, 12 years back, our beauty standards might have changed! Or to be more realistic, maybe the contestants of this pageant do …

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A Lebanese BACHELOR party is just another normal Party

The wedding season is near again, and if you follow us you probably know our opinion on weddings by now; The Lebanese version of weddings at least. Just a single Lebanese wedding is enough for you to know what I am talking about. Two people decide to get married and suddenly you find yourself in an ongoing festival. On top of that, and …

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If Bikfaya can do it, all municipalities can! The Garbage solution

The Garbage solution in Lebanon has been clear to all of us since the beginning. Everyone could see that sorting was our only hope. A civilized solution that could have saved us everything we are going through now as a result of the government’s FAIL. And to prove that this is the best solution and that it is possible ( …

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2016 Horoscopes and a sneak peek into New Year’s predictions

Astrology has become like a tradition that goes with the pre new year preparations. Predictions, horoscopes and resolutions! Whether you think they are tailored for you, or you just read them for fun you probably check your 2016 horoscope sign at least once a year even if it is out of sheer curiosity. Today with @akhbar_belkilo  2016 horoscopes we guarantee at least a good …

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“Shou 3amlin 3a ras l sene?” that is the question

If you happen to be over 13 years old, and you no longer settle for a New Year’s Eve with the family, then you probably know what I’m talking about. “Shou 3amlin 3a ras l sene“; A question that pops up as soon as summer ends. Even though you probably party every weekend, rather everyday for some people, this one out of a sudden becomes the …

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A Guide to Becoming Miss Lebanon 2016

A guide to becoming Miss Lebanon 2016 Perhaps you’re sitting there contemplating all the prizes Miss Lebanon 2015 won, and wondering why it wasn’t you who was crowned the most beautiful girl in the country. I mean, your momma told you that you could have won. That means something, doesn’t it? If this is all you really aspire to be …

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The Mr Lebanon Guide to Solving All Lebanese Problems

Of course you know the astounding solution a Mr Lebanon candidate came up with for the Lebanese garbage crisis (check the [video] if you missed it). So we thought to ourselves, who else can  point out a solution for all the problems we’ve been having for decades?   Below are some simple and practical solutions to all our issues from a …

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Lebanese Nonsense That Needs Some Answers

The concept of a RIOT seems totally new to us, Lebanese people. We want to be perceived as the world’s number one destination in clubbing but we do not care if the water is contaminated. And Shhh don’t protest you will scare away the tourists! We took our obsession with appearances to a whole new level! The things you keep hearing …

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Dear Lucien Bourjeily, I am sorry.

I am sorry we proved unworthy of your fight. Sorry, because people think that you are protesting in front of a certain ministry because you belong to a certain party. Sorry Lucien Bourjeily the Lebanese are not used to the concept of freedom. Sorry for all the comments you are and will be reading; comments coming from slaves to a system, …

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Five steps to a better Lebanon

I used to say that the only solution is Nawawe, just nuke the country, which is not actually a solution but only because I gave up on any hopes that this country will be better. Since in order to get better you have to start somewhere, you have to set your mind to move forward and we are in no …

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