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Friday , 24 May 2019
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The Breathtaking Lebanon In pictures – Mario’s journey

Lebanon’s scenery has always amazed us. In 2014 we went on a 7 days trip around Lebanon(you can read all about it here) and we thought we have seen it all. But few days ago we discovered this young man on Facebook, Mario Alam, who finished a 7 day hike with his friends around Lebanon and opened our eyes to new places we haven’t yet seen.We contacted Mario for some insights and he wrote us back few words about his journey with friends and a nice collection of pictures to post on our page.


Our journey started at the monastery of Mar Kozhaya, walking down the valley to catch the LMT (Lebanese Mountain Trail). Spirits were high, high enough to ignore the weight of the bags on our backs. We walked few kilometers and before we even knew it we entered the valley of the saints (Wadi Quannoubin).

The trail amazingly infiltrates deep into the forest leading us to Bcharre, settling majestically on the mountain and up to (Jebran Khalil Jebran)’s museum where we started climbing up the white rocky cliffs passing by a very old Phoenician burial ground. Reaching the top we knew this was our camping spot so we set our tent before night falls, enjoying the amazing sunset overlooking the valley.

The next morning started with a much needed stretching session before heading to the cedar forest of Bcharre. As we were walking in hostile, treeless fields with nothing but the burning sun and as we made the last turn around the mountain it finally appeared! A big spot of greenery surviving amazingly in the middle of nowhere. The experience almost appears to be unreal, to see the 6000 year old legends standing there!


Leaving The Cedars Of GOD, we headed south west passing by hard rocky terrains through Bekaa kafra the hometown of Saint Charbel reaching Mabkha village. The locals in Mabkha were very welcoming and Em georges woke up at 3 am just to bake us bread and manakish in the traditional way.

Bekaa Kafra

We spent the night in the region and woke up the next day to head straight to arz Tannourine we passed by jered Bazoun and Jered Hasroun with a breathtaking geology formed from volcanic rocks rich with iron and minerals.


We continued the journey  until we reached 2000 meters where we set our camp .




The next day we headed straight to arz Tannourine a massive cedar forest with a few Canadian maple trees in it, the rest of the day was a bit hard because we lost the trail and had to use GPS and walk on paved roads but eventually we managed to camp in an old church piazza in a village near Tannourine al fawka .

Our last morning was full of energy, we hiked to wata hboub and reached an old monastery where father Karim showed us around the place where saint Hardini was educated in his young years. We left with a supply of fruits and homemade jams.
Finally we took a truck to Batroun and camped our last nights in Kfarabida where we explored water caves and dived peacefully with the turtles and many other amazing sea creatures.


The journey ended with a breathtaking sunset by the shores of Batroun.


For more pictures make sure you follow Mario on insta : marioalalam

And for vidoes check his youtube channel : Mario Al Alam



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