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Friday , 24 May 2019
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Dear Emigrants, Save us the Lectures!

If you have scrolled any of your social timelines for less than 3 seconds in the past month or so, you have probably witnessed a glimpse of this new rising phenomenon: the know-it-all online preacher that not only knows exactly what’s wrong with Lebanon but also how to fix it, except that he/she doesn’t live here anymore to apply that wisdom.  Poor them, the “Lebanese residents” messed up their beloved country while they were away.


Every day there’s more than a handful of posts, tweets and the ever-too-glorious ‘velfies’ (yes, video selfies are now a thing – start gouging your eyeballs) on how we are lazy, useless and how we should be ashamed of ourselves for not doing anything regarding the bad situation we’re in. Normally, I would agree to these claims because they’re somehow true: The situation is usually a reflection of the people. But coming from someone who at a certain point decided that this place is no longer good enough for them, their ambitions or their family and buggered off..now that’s absurd.

Let me run a small reality check by you: Where are you, dude?

You were as lazy as any of us when you decided that you weren’t going to work for a better country, but for a better you. You’ll just move elsewhere where everything is already working like clockwork, and you’d just leech on that. Well, that is selfishness. We are all selfish at some level but at least no one is judging you for leaving, or even asking you why. Do whatever you want, no one cares.


But to judge us, call us names and blame us for the failure of this country! That is not acceptable. If you obviously know what should be done to fix the situation, why are you sitting in Paris, Qatar, Dubai or wherever in the world you are and assigning us tasks? Stop wasting your time preaching it on social media! Hop on a plane, get your butt here, fix everything then go back to living the dream (in that air-conditioned desert or wherever).

You were selfish enough to leave and now you want us to make the country a better place for you, so you and your over-sized kids can still come and spend the summer vacation here.. and put that selfie-stick to good use?


If you have so much enthusiasm in you, the sort you say we lack, why did you leave in the first place?

Now you know a thing or two on how things work in Europe or the States (not that we don’t), so you think you are more eligible to preach it to us? Since nothing really changed in Lebanon since the 70s, why didn’t you fix things before giving up and running away? It would have saved you from wasting so much time on useless Facebook posts. Or can it be true that: Those who can’t do, preach?

Maybe we are trying our best. Maybe we aren’t doing anything at all. Maybe we gave up like you did, but we are still here. Let’s get one thing clear, once and for all: You left the country. So you no longer have the right to blame us for what is going on. Unless, of course, you also send Obama emails on how to run his country, and publish medical theories on how women are cowards for crying while giving birth.

It might be true that our situation is the product of our actions, but giving up counts as an action too. An action that is much worse than actually staying and standing your ground trying to survive under foul conditions. It’s not just our fault, it’s also yours as much as it is ours, maybe even more.

So until you decide to come back and actually do something, spare us the trash talk and keep your condescending opinions to yourself. We might be sitting still, planning for a revolution or simply not caring anymore but who are you to judge us EH?




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  1. The money that lebanese immigrants are injecting into the lebanese economy is one of the very few good things going on for us.

    On a societal level, research suggests that families with children living in poverty are more likely to stay poor for the rest of their lives in a third world country, hence the science is suggesting that a lebanese growing up abroad has more chances to escape poverty and actually have a real shot at helping this country.

    While all of this information is being put out there for us to make sense of, some lebanese social influencers (such as yourself) who are supposedly more knowledgeable than the average lebanese person, are roaming the internet for some stupid action that only aims at making the situation even more ridiculous.

    The group dynamics concerning residents and immigrants are a very old subject in social studies and what you’re doing here my friend is feeding on the in-group/out-group prejudice that is present in all of us to direct traffic to the useless shit you write.

    I was actually very happy to see people like you fighting both politics and their corrupt media puppets, however by virtue of ‘staying here’ – you are becoming just like them but in a different way.

    PS: I live right here, next to you.

    • Dear,

      Injecting money into the economy does not give them the right to attack us and blame us for what is going wrong. You clearly missed out the point of this article. on another hand, I never claimed to be an influencer of any sort. and The shit I write is my own opinion , whether it brings traffic or not.
      I hope that you are different from all of us anyway , and I am sure that by staying here you are a big asset to this country.


      • I didn’t mean to be offensive like that, let me blame it on the frustration the country has put me through! 🙂

        On a more constructive note, the guy you’re implicitly referring to is a perfect example of why it is sometimes the best choice to leave this country.

  2. This is great. Living abroad, I admit I’ve done that – probably not on social though. But I do that. Mainly because we give a damn, a part of it is genuine, but the other part is to show that we somehow care. The two cents we give, justify why we left. I don’t know if that’s clear.

    Just a side note: would’ve been great if you added some examples (with some redactions for sure). I would love to see what those rants are on about.

    • Dear Ameer ,

      Thank you for your comment. I obviously mean certain people who are Talking trash and calling us names and saying that we are lazy and “kharejna” shou 3am ysir. I don’t mean every lebanese emigrant. And I know it is your right to be concerned and your right to point out the problems and give solutions. Just don’t act like we messed up.That’s my problem. and you are right, i should add an example and actually considering to edit this post and add screenshots of what i mean .


  3. If someone realizes that there is no hope or future in something or somewhere, they move on to something new or better; that is human nature. That is how humans evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, moving from continent to continent, in search of a better life. So it is not that they are lazy or that they give up that they decide to move, on the contrary. The Phoenicians were not lazy when they explored the seas and built their empire back in the days when people used to smash their heads with stones when they had headaches; they were explorers and traders and their desire for something new and better was insatiable.

    Nowadays, it is only when people came to the sad realization that the country is a sh*t hole and that some things will never change, that they decide to move on and explore new territory. Seems to me like quite a smart and proactive decision to make which will significantly improve your life, although an extremely difficult and painful one I must admit. It is easy to stay stuck in your place, disillusioning yourself with the comforts of your simple life, family and friends; I know this because I lived it. Honestly, it seems quite dumb and lazy of someone to stay in such a situation when very simply stated, there is so much more out there.

    Let me give you a simple example: Take for example all these protests for the garbage situation (no pun intended) in Beirut. I tell you now that it is all pointless and will achieve nothing, for the simple reason that it is guaranteed that those people you see on the streets will end up voting again for the same people who put them in the garbage situation in the first place. Once the streets have been cleaned up, everything will get back to normal and I assure you that people will forget about this situation in a month or two.

    Way too many good ideas and great minds have been wasted in Lebanon and that is why the expat community is so large and successful outside Lebanon. They keep coming back because somehow, somewhere, in their minds, they still envision Lebanon to be what they always wanted it to be, but never was. Thankfully the attachment is still strong even after many generations; their influx of money is one of the only things going well in Lebanon.

    Honestly speaking and in my personal experience upon leaving, you gain a wider perspective of what is happening in Lebanon and the region. You no longer suffer from living in the comfort of your little bubble. It’s as if your whole life and everything you’ve ever lived through is a large puzzle canvas and suddenly different pieces start to fall in place. Sounds philosophical, I know, but it’s the truth. Your perspectives change and so do your views and opinions (in my case even my political affiliations). I agree that yes, sometimes some statements by some people can be overbearing and they just need to STFU. But in many cases, someone with a new perspective and new experiences can bring in new ideas to the country. And the start to anything great has always been with a great idea.


    • Dear JPS ,

      Wow we need to write a new post for your comment ! you have gotten a little bit out of subject here. I really appreciate your comment. But this is not the point of the article. Good for you and anyone who leaves , and yes you gave up , you gave up on the country as per you. So if you have new perspectives please share on how we should implement them. otherwise and again lectures and trash talking is not acceptable.


      • I didn’t mean anything bad with my post and the only trash talk is actually your blog post, there’s no need to take things personally.. I tried not to go off topic, but I wanted to portray the fact that you need to understand the whole picture before jumping to conclusions; and sometimes you need to distance yourself from the situation in order to understand it.

        Is writing this post is your form of making things better? If so, Lebanon has a bright future  Maybe if you try and drop the judgmental attitude and try not to blame everything on external factors (others), you might actually get somewhere and have a positive impact. Maybe instead of moaning, why not propose a new way for people to express their discontent alongside their new ideas?

        I realize that this discussion is going nowhere, so I will end it here. And if it makes you happy, you can keep convincing yourself, that I alongside, many others, have given up.

        Peace out,

        • And I dd’t mean anything bad with my reply. I meant whoever trash talks should stop , was not referring to your post. I wonder who is taking things personal.
          And I know you gave up , you can keep convincing yourself that you didn’t :).

          thank you for your opinion 😀

  4. In 1937, he left Germany for France, where he had a short affair with Russian emigree Irina Guadanini; his family followed, making their last visit to Prague en route. Following a lecture tour through the United States, Nabokov returned to Wellesley for the 1944–45 academic year as a lecturer in Russian.

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