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Tuesday , 7 April 2020
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When dad took my photos while travelling

With my dad as a travel companion, we had an amazing trip around eastern Europe last month. The places we visited were awesome, starting from Athens to Dubrovnik, Montenegro and Bosnia &Herzegovnia. My photos though, were not that awesome. With dad behind the lens, using my phone, the pictures were a complete failure! In a funny way! Acropolis of Athens …

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A weekend well spent in the heart of the lebanese nature – Kobayat in Pictures

To make our daily life less mundane we try to escape reality  more often. Nature is our first and foremost getaway as it brings us back to simplicity and declutters our brain from all the noises. Being from the south of Lebanon and having lived a fair part of my life on that part of the country, I didn’t get …

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Backpacking in Lebanon – Joey’s Journey

After posting the journey of Mario, a young Lebanese guy, around Lebanon in The Breathtaking Lebanon In pictures – Mario’s journey  we found out that this sort of activity is getting more attention nowadays from the Lebanese youth. We actually received many videos and pictures of people sharing their own stories. Joey’s Story specifically caught our attention because it highlights the love and empathy …

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Find fun and interesting facts about the day you were born! TakeMeBack

So many things happen around the world daily. And so many things happened the day you were born. Logging your birth-date to this website here http://takemeback.to/ will show u what were things like in that day. From NewsPaper headlines to hit songs and popular movies released in the last 30 days. You can also check any other date and just enjoy some facts from history. This is …

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The Breathtaking Lebanon In pictures – Mario’s journey

Lebanon’s scenery has always amazed us. In 2014 we went on a 7 days trip around Lebanon(you can read all about it here) and we thought we have seen it all. But few days ago we discovered this young man on Facebook, Mario Alam, who finished a 7 day hike with his friends around Lebanon and opened our eyes to new …

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Christmas in Prague. The place to be!

Christmas in Prague. Prague is a city that knows how to “Christmas“. Everything about it is so special from the awesome decoration to the tasty food and the aromatic smell of hot wine. Walking through the streets of the old town you can’t help but feel the warmth of Christmas despite the freezing temperatures. The Christmas markets are among the best in …

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Around Lebanon in 7 days

Work, family obligations and a dreadful daily routine. These are the reasons some of us are always planning getaways or long expensive trips. Yet the fact we tend to miss is that we don’t have to travel far in order to escape! Last year, after failing to organize a euro trip with my friends, we decided to plan a different …

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Christmas decoration In AinEbel

Christmas has always been about home.And home for us Ain-Eblees is our awesome village. Whenever I told people that I am from Ain-Ebel I got the same reaction;always linking the south with war and misery.Everyone asks about life in this remote village and no one really understands what it is like to be there until they visit. I will always …

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My Lebanon – Music and Road trips

After a Long day at work I was heading home to rest and meet some friends later , el routine l 3ade. As I got in my car I played some new tracks I had prepared ,3 mins had passed and i thought to myself …Naaa this music isn’t taking me home ..I need to be somewhere else , a cool ride …

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